Wonderful show! Great group to work with!

Village Theatre (MI)

The Second City was fantastic. A great group to work with. The audience loved it. The group earned a standing ovation from a nearly sold out performance. I will be looking to bring them back in a couple of years.

Jasper Community Arts Foundation (IN)

It sounds like we had a very successful night on Saturday! We were sold out -- with one ticket to spare I'm told. We just had a little debrief and this was my staff's response -- Super great to work with, very responsive to our crew. Cooperative and kind! Cast was great! Engaged with the audience and staff. Would definitely recommend it. Thanks for everything!

Saugatuck Center for the Arts (MI)

The artists that visited us from the Second City were amazing. The show was hilarious and the workshops were very well received.

Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center (WV)

We at the Hamilton College Summer Program in Philosophy could not have been happier with Second City, both the workshop and the performance, as well as the communication in preparation. It really was a highlight of our program, and we've had several inquiries from members of the college community about when we can bring you back. Let's hope so!

Hamilton College Performing Arts (NY)

The cast were very funny and easy going. They were polite and a fun crew of people. I also appreciate that they were mindful and respectful with the content and kept in mind who their audience was.


Terrific show. It was great to have The Second City back to Montalvo!

Montalvo Center for the Arts (CA)

The cast was excellent as always. Wonderful to work with, highly professional, they expressed gratitude for our hospitality and put on a quality show.

Gorton Community Center (IL)

It was a fantastic show, thank you so much for the help and support! Absolutely hilarious and enjoyable. I heard from many of our student workers how kind and engaging the cast was. Our final count was 457, which is pretty good for our series. I would definitely help in recommending to others as needed.

Bloomsburg University Performing Arts (IL)

The show was hilarious and the audience loved it!

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts (MN)

It was great working with the tour group. Our production manager expressed how amazing the group was to work with. I attended the show and enjoyed it very much.

Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts (IL)