"Needless to say, they are talented and they know how to engage an audience. The audience ranged from 18 year old college football players to 90 year old men and women. They loved the music and were fascinated by the fact that their music fit into so many 'boxes.' One minute it was country, the next bluegrass and then there is classical with some pop and rock mixed in. Great show!" -Dunn Center for the Performing Arts, NC Wesleyan,Sept 2018

-Dunn Center for the Performing Arts, NC Wesleyan,Sept 2018

Farewell Angelina was awesome. They were better than advertised! Any and all of us who crossed paths with this ensemble came away wanting them back immediately. That said....we will want them back but in two years or so. The audience loved them, and so did the students in the afternoon. There was a nice write up in the paper the day after the show... Total tickets were approx. 800. All in all.....BRAVO! -Burlington Civic Music Association, Iowa– October 2018

Burlington Civic Music Association, Iowa– October 2018

Farewell Angelina was an absolute pleasure to work with. The group was charismatic, engaging, and extremely talented. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We would definitely be interested in having them back in the future. -Jasper Community Arts Commission, Indiana Oct 2018

Jasper Community Arts Commission, Indiana Oct 2018

Farewell Angelina was phenomenal! I cannot give enough positive feedback on this group. The outreach they did was amazing--they are excellent role models for our students! …I believe everyone who was there enjoyed the show. I heard excellent comments from many of the attendees. On the back side, they were very organized and had all details covered so there was no question as to what would happen the day of the performance. They made an effort to participate in local radio interviews to help promote the show. I'll be the first to admit that country is not one of my favorite genres of music; however, I bought the 3-CD package and have already listened to them all and am singing along. My point is that their music is very appealing to many genres. I would go see them again in a heartbeat, so if they are ever near Wisconsin Rapids, let me know! -Arts Council of South Wood County, Wisconsin Oct 2018

Arts Council of South Wood County, Wisconsin Oct 2018

The band was very easy to work with. They arrived with plenty of time to spare and were very organized. No attitudes, just very pleasant people to deal with. The audience enjoyed the show. We had many positive comments and the gals did a great job with the meet and greet. Yes, we would would consider having them back. This is an unusual thing for us - we rarely book shows more than once, but the FA experience was positive enough to give us pause. The show was obviously a sell out, something we're proud of and you should be too. You've got a real diamond in the rough here and I'm sure you know it. It will be fun to see them rise to the top.