"Eleanor's silky voice and her band's infectious energy enchanted our audience. Their world rhythms and multi-lingual lyrics celebrate the beautiful diversity in our world and honor the human experience that ties us all together. Eleanor’s music delighted audiences young and old. We enjoyed having you on our stage, and I appreciate the work you did with our kids in the community as well."

Levitt Sioux Falls

"Eleanor Dubinsky performed at our most important fund raising event, Fairy Tales Can Come True Concert. She validated that there is really such a thing as "soul music." It is not what we traditionally think about as "soul music", her music goes right to the soul and heart of the listeners - it is a soul to soul musical experience! The deep rhythms, her soulful and joyful voice and of course her cast of characters that support her, whether you are three years old of 93 years old, her music makes you FEEL. At our Fairy Tales Can Come True Concert, the audience erupted from passive listeners to filling the floor space to "feeling the music", from head to toe. Everyone was moving and grooving. Eleanor’s magic is that she knows just how to engage the audience. Her audience members feels like they are the only ones."

Stephen P. Zwolak Executive Director, University City Children

"Eleanor Dubinsky is a bright light on the musical landscape; a delight to work with and an incredible talent. Her original music engages the audience in an intimate and joyful way. We look forward to many more Wellfleet performances."

Janet Lesniak Executive Director Wellfleet Preservation Hall

“The result [of the concert] was a joyous, uplifting and deeply generous performance — to her musicians and the audience alike — that was just the tonic for the frayed nerves of many New Yorkers after another long winter in these parlous times. Go. See her. This is music as medicine for your soul.”

Tom Pryor – Songlines, Afropop Worldwide, Nat Geo Music

“Eleanor’s multi-lingual. soulful and upbeat music was perfect for Art After Five, our weekly Friday night concert series. Planning and communication were seamless and our audience loved Eleanor and her dynamic band so much that we brought them back twice!”

Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Eleanor, Your performance last night was a dream realized! Thank you for your beautiful artistry, and the time and care you took to make it happen. Your interpretation was original and evocative and deeply satisfying. It was a beautiful way to begin the evening, and build a tradition. I really hope we can continue to find ways to work together! Sending love and thanks, Gina

Gina Gibney - Founder, Artistic Director & CEO of Gibney Dance

“Vocalist Eleanor Dubinsky is slowly, but steadily, building a body of work that consists of elegant and thoughtful songwriting that slides easily between genres and geography through top-notch musicianship, all in service to a voice that stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it.”

Felix Contreras – NPR