“Derik’s incredible vocal talent, songwriting, and genuine discipline sets him ahead of other artists. This tour concept is absolutely revolutionary, and I’m so proud of Derik for the way he’s impacting and fundraising for music education in schools.”

Matthew Morrison from "Glee"

“They were so nice and generous. It’s nice to have a professional group that is mellow and sincere and appreciative of our kids.”

- Take Chances Tour

Mary Kay Block, Choir Director

"That group was so positive and professional! We need more groups like them in our school!"

- Take Chances Tour

Jim Dunlop, Century Highschool

"Very good, nice harmonies."

David Crosby (Crosby, Stills and Nash)

"So very talented! I heard dozens of wonderful comments on your show [at intermission.] Come back to Prineville! We LOVED your performance!"

City Events Coordinator - Prineville, OR

"I can't thank you all enough for tonight. You were all incredible. Thank you for being an inspiration to my students."

- Take Chances Tour

James Logan High School - San Jose, CA

"Hi Family! We were given the blessing of tickets from friends who couldn't attend your concert in Longview on Oct. 18th. You gave such a wonderful concert and it was an experience for us two seniors (who are still young on the inside.. the gray hair is just a disguise). Thank you so much for sharing the amazing gifts and talents you each have, and for working in such good harmony, not only musically, but personally. We really enjoyed you!! Thank you so much."

-Take Chances Tour

Victoria and Henry Block

Derik, Riana and Dalten.......What an absolute treat we were given last night in Longview. We left the building all abuzz about your talent, your fine characters and the joyous sounds we heard. Absolutely "best concert" I have been to in my 57 years. Loved all the different arrangements and the background scenes (way to take it over the top Dalton) Thank you, thank you, please come again!!!

Fans Say:

The feedback I received from our members is that they loved your concert and it was one of the best ones we have ever had! They were also very impressed at your accomplishments so far as young adults, as listed i our program booklet and seeing it. So congratulations, you really impressed our members and your concert was outstanding! Your family is an inspiration to other families as to what can be accomplished if you work hard and enjoy what you are doing.

Denise Eyherabide, Bakersfield, CA Community Concert Association

I was more than pleasantly surprised by all of the songs, Derik's amazing ability to write songs, the fantastic backgrounds/scenery created by Dalten, Riana's beautiful voice, and the unique blending of voices. You will be captivated by the Nelson siblings. Each is a talented performer, together their harmony is perfection! You won't be disappointed.

June White, Longview, WA

Riana, Derik, and Dalten are true professionals! They were very diligent with rehearsal and execution of the national anthem, easy to work with, and hilarious! These three siblings have an amazing chemistry with each other on and off stage!

Allyssa Knutson, Marketing Coordinator, Seattle Seahawks

Single-handedly the best show I have ever booked.

Monday Music Club of Tillamook, Tillamook, OR

“World class talent and true professionals on and off the court.  The Trail Blazers were honored to have Derik Nelson & Family sing the national anthem for us.”

Willen Sin, Game Operations Manager Portland Trailblazers NBA (Portland, OR)

Absolute vocal perfection! The voices of angels—all three. Their seamless harmonies combined with the seamless interplay of technology provided for a top-quality, one-of-a-kind performance. From the first moment of hearing the Nelson’s preview video, the board knew that we had to include them in our seasonal line-up. Part of our obligation as an association is to provide quality entertainment to local audiences. But, at a deeper, more significant level, we also have an obligation to show our belief in up-and-coming young performers and to help them along the way in their professional journeys. As a board of directors and as an association, in booking the Nelsons we accomplished both. Such poise, and polish, and panache—what a rare and special treat! -M. Shane Harrell, President of Plainview Community Concerts

M. Shane Harrell, President of Plainview Community Concerts