"Sold out, fabulous show. I had a ton of great comments from audience members who loved such a different, creative production." -People’s Bank Theater – Marietta, OH

"Catapult was fantastic. The stories they portrayed on stage were amazing and the audience loved every second of it. The standing ovation at the end of the performance showed how much our audience loved this group! Thanks Catapult." -Heider Center - West Salem, WI

"Last night’s show of CATAPULT solicited some of the best responses ever from our audience! The marriage of technology with movement and outstanding choreography made for an exhilarating night and I wish we had more seats to sell!. Adam and Toby were a delight to work with and our Arts Center Technical Director went out of his way to tell us the Catapult team was the BEST he had ever worked with and we could bring them back any time! Some comments from patrons below include: - Wonderful show, thanks to all. - Catapult was the most exhilarating performance that I had ever seen. The music completely suited the movements of the performers and I was amazed what they were able to do with their bodies. I laughed at most of the scenes, but Bullies also taught me a lesson about self-esteem. I've tried to explain the evening to my co-workers, but I can't do justice to what I saw on the stage. What an upbeat night! - Unique and captivating performance. - Beautiful performance. - It was imaginative and entertaining. - Ingenious, very entertaining! Anyway, just wanted you to know we had a great night with a great Company. Our educational outreach with a local arts education program was rewarding for the kids as well. I also made a point of telling them how hard you all work to represent them to us presenters." -Lane University – Frostburg, MD

"We had Catapult here last night for a wonderful performance that captured the imagination and hearts of all that attended, young and old. It was a magical journey using the most creative and intriguing story telling I have ever seen. Thanks for helping us bring this wonderful show to the Patchogue Theatre!" -Patchogue Theater – Patchogue, NY

"It was a great performance on Saturday and the audience loved it. We greatly appreciate the time they took to spell "We ♥ ONU." The group was professional and I hope they felt welcome and comfortable during their stay. It was a sold out performance." -Freed Center for the Performing Arts/Ohio Northern University

"We did LOVE Catapult! It was a fantastic performance and it was lovely working with the artists. I have had enthusiastic feedback from the patrons, the most I have had for any show since I have been here." -Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts- Bloomington, IL

"Catapult was wonderful! Our audience gave them an immediate standing ovation. Their show is novel and artistic and so different than anything we have ever presented and our audience was mesmerized and thoroughly enjoyed every second. Rarely have we received so many comments on social media. Feedback on social media included: “They were fabulous! Vivaldi's Four Seasons was exquisite and my favorite part of the show. So much talent and creativity. Loved it!” “It was wonderful and unique!” “It was fantastic!” “Wonderful performance!” “It was unusual and wonderful show!” “Great performance!” “Amazing!” They were so easy to work with and so pleasant –it was a pleasure to have them here and I thank them for making me look good as a presenter! Anything I can do to help promote them, I am happy to do!" -Westminster College Celebrity Series – Westminster, PA

"Our audience universally loved the show. They received sporadic applause and cheers throughout and a standing ovation at the final bows. We were entirely happy with their product. We would consider having them back their next time through as we believe word of mouth would be great. Thanks for asking." -Princess Theatre – Decatur, AL

"Catapult was a great show! Nothing but smiles and rave reviews after the performance from the audience. We'd love to have the tour back!" -The Peabody - Daytona Beach, FL

"There are no words and so many words to describe how fabulous that show was! And our season opener and (my first show as a Manager of this venue-ack!) The entire company of CATAPULT were so fun to be around and so gracious. The audience gave them 3 standing ovations and my sponsors were beyond pleased. Beautiful venue, mesmerizing show, warm community audience that is still talking to me about it. It just doesn't get much better than that! Thank you and we will be posting a great deal of pictures and quotes from comment cards on our Facebook page soon. Also, the Masterclass was a memorable experience for our lucky high school students which served the mission of the Paris Center of Fine Arts as well because it is attached to the school district. Adam Battelstein is Paris' new hero!" -Paris Center of Fine Arts- Paris, IL